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Worship services for the DeLancey, Hamden and West Delhi churches on May 27 will be held in Hamden Church at 11 a.m. with Rev. Patty Wolff.

Our prayers and “hope you’re feeling better soon” to George Bolles and Donna Gorsch.

I welcome news from folks. Readers tell me they like to read this column but I can’t do it without help. Give me a call: 607-746-6860 or email me:

Some may have gone by and some are coming up, but we wish all a happy birthday: Jane Alverson, Florence Grill, Lynn Liddle, Joe Whittaker, Arlene Calhoun, Lois Klukkert, Linda Gray, MaryAnn Piroha, Jeanie Newkerk, Lisa Sayman, Brianna Eickhorn, Beverly Watson, Judy Ford, Joe Costa, Minnie Miller, Ed Rossley Sr., Bob Hutchinson, Bob Scofield, Nancy Avery, Jean Liddle, Terry Mostert, Deb Mostert, Lynn Roye, Ruth Marshall, Tina Moshier, Branden Bodo, Jeremiah Anderson, Pat LaRocque, Tom Vroman, Eleanor McKee, Margie Tweedie, Vera Hunt.

Celebrating another wedding anniversary this month: Wayne and Pam Metlicke, Doug and Jean Bull, Walter and Lynn Roye.

After spending the winter in Florida, Hank and Jean Groth got home in time to celebrate their 54th anniversary on May 30. Best wishes to all.

I hope all ladies had a nice Mother’s Day. Our family did, starting the day with a breakfast brunch at Cathy Roloson’s with all the Shepard family, Margie Tweedie, Milt and Jan Ballard, Jamie Menhinick, Marty and Mary Conklin present. After visiting all went home with full stomachs.

Whip and Martha Burczak were very happy to have their daughter Susie Kratky from Raleigh, N.C. home for a few days visit and to be with her mother on Mother’s Day. Susie, who is a runner, enjoyed her runs here as it is in the 90s now in N.C.

Twenty-nine family members and friends gathered for Mother’s Day at the home of Burneda Ford where they had a pizza party instead of the traditional barbecue. Family members brought pizzas - it was less to clean up and easy to eat and all had a great time for the day with Burneda happy to have all join her for a very happy Mothers Day.

The Hamden Senior Citizens Club will have its covered dish dinner and meeting on Wednesday, May 23 at noon at the town hall. Donna Martin from the Office of the Aging will be the guest speaker. Bring your dish to pass and table service, drink will be provided.

May 26 is the summer season opening at the Delaware Co. Historical Assoc. Visit the buildings, exhibit galleries and gift shop at the site.

Free rabies clinic in Delaware Co., 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, May 23 at the town of Stamford garage, 60187 state Highway 10, Hobart.

Some of my thoughts of the week: Gas took another jump last week - one more penny and it will be up to three dollars a gallon. The week has been very nice as far as the weather goes. With the little rain and nice days the tree leaves have popped out fast and the flowering trees are in full bloom and beautiful. Lawn mowing has started and my rhubarb has really come along fast and will be ready to pick soon. I love spring when everything starts its growing season and looks so fresh. As we start our spring cleaning folks, don’t forget our June 9 lawn sales day is coming up fast. All are welcome to participate and will make it better for our little hamlet.

More from the front page of a January 1931 American Agriculturist on Shrines of America. Bunker Hill: One night the American rebels, with spade and musket, quietly moved in and entrenched themselves on Bunker Hill. Next morning the British surprised, attacked the hill with a superior force of soldiers and cannons from their ships in the bay. The Americans twice repulsed them and retreated the third time only after their ammunition gave out. The battle, a military victory for the British was a moral victory for the Americans. It proved they could stand up against disciplined troops, face heavy fire and fight for their liberties. The monument stands on Bunker Hill today to commemorate the battle.

Lynn Kinch’s joke of the week: A young woman told her mother, “I’m going out with Joe again tonight.” “Him again?” her mother replied. “If you like his attentions so much, why don’t you marry him?” “Because I like his attentions,” she said.

It’s great to have brothers and sisters because your room is not the only one in the house that looks as if it was in the path of a hurricane.

A cute saying: It is a good thing to be rich and a good thing to be strong, but it is a better thing to be loved by many friends.

Helpful Hint: If you use rubber gloves you can recycle them a bit by making your own rubber bands out of them. Just cut the cuff part of the gloves in narrow strips the size you desire and you have the rubber bands to use.

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