2018-05-15 / Police

National Police Week – May 13-19

Delaware County Sheriff Craig DuMond urges people to recognize May 13-19 as National Police Week. The week, DuMond said in a press release, is a time to reflect on the officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in devotion to the fundamental values of decency so essential to the republic and American life. “Those men and women who have given it all in the name of justice deserve not only our respect, but our heartfelt gratitude and affection. For without law and order, our society would soon crumble, eliminating the dreams of our people and mocking the heroes and heroines whose sacrifices have made this great land a beacon of hope and a symbol of freedom for the world,” said DuMond.

This year, the Sheriff’s Office pays tribute to 135 individuals in 2017 and another 48 so far in 2018, whose stories are a testament to the bravery, patriotism, and valor of America’s law enforcement officers at every level. These officers died doing what they were sworn to do; saving the lives of their colleagues, protecting innocent bystanders from harm, subduing and apprehending dangerous suspects, and pursuing desperate criminals who attempted to flee from justice. The Sheriff’s Office recognizes them as brave law enforcement officers, however, they were also importantly known in other ways - as doting parents, loving spouses, sons and daughters and as loyal and compassionate friends.

DuMond continued, “In a time when law enforcement is brutally targeted for simply wearing a uniform or way too often politicized, we must never take for granted the dangers they face. Every day and night these brave souls leave their homes and families to protect ours. They literally put their lives on the line twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week to protect us and our way of living both on and off-duty. For their families and friends, all they hope and pray for is to see them return home safe and sound. When the unspeakable happens, we must remember these things. The least we can do is give unwavering support to their families as well as steadfast respect and appreciation to their fellow officers.”

“Our nation can never repay the debts we owe to our fallen officers and their families. That’s why we must continue to do everything we can to work together in creating a safer and more just society. That was their shared pursuit and must always be our common cause. I ask you to please take a moment and approach a police officer this week and thank him or her for their service. I assure you it will mean so much to them and make an indescribable difference in their day,” DuMond said. “As your sheriff, I am humbled to stand with you in strengthening our support for law enforcement officers and their families.”

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