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Village Property Annexation Approved by Delhi Town Council

Town Playground at Legion Field to be Closed for Summer
By Lillian Browne

DELHI - A Delhi village resident was the sole attendee at a joint public hearing of the town and village of Delhi on May 8. The purpose of the hearing was for public comment on the annexation of seven town properties by the village. Two of the properties are owned by the village and located on county Route 18. The remaining contiguous properties are located on state Highway 28, at the current village line near County Tire and the Buena Vista Motel.

The resident in attendance, Richard Gumo, who lives on county Route 18, quizzed officials about guiding zoning, ordinances and restrictions if the properties were successfully annexed.

Supervisor Mark Tuthill stated that if the village annexes the parcels, they will be regulated by village zoning. Deed restrictions, Tuthill continued, “go with the property.”

In response to a polite scolding from Gumo that adjacent property owners were not personally given notice of the proposed annexation, both Tuthill and Delhi Mayor Richard Maxey stated that the only people who can cast a vote on the annexation are the property owners themselves.

The town council unanimously consented to the annexation, with Council member Matt Krzyston abstaining from the state Highway 28 resolution vote.

A special election on the annexation, at which only the affected property owners can vote, will be scheduled by the town within 90 days.

In other business before the town:

• The town unanimously approved a bond anticipation note for the construction of the Delhi Community Pool, up to $1 million, at zero-percent interest for the first year, to be held by Delaware National Bank of Delhi. Tuthill said the loan is being taken, “So we don’t get into a cash flow bind while we are waiting for money (grants and other funds) to come in.” Council member Al Perkins announced that $2,000 had been raised at a community pool fund-raiser the previous weekend and there were approximately 180 people in attendance. Council members also unanimously approved the payment of a $10,797 bill, payable to Atlantic Testing Laboratory, for the pool, when funds become available for use.

• The town-owned playground at the American Legion Field will be closed throughout the summer. Notices will be posted and residents are instead encouraged to use the elementary school playground at Delaware Academy at Delhi. The town will provide a certificate of insurance to the school district.

• There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony, open to the public, at the Delhi Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on state Highway 10 on Thursday, May 17 at 6 p.m., with activities from 5 - 7 p.m.

• At the Clerk’s request, council members unanimously approved a credit card contract to enable residents to pay property taxes, purchase dog licences, pay marriage license and death certificate fees, hunting and fishing licenses and other clerk’s office payable fees via credit card.

• The annual financial report, for the fiscal year ending 2017, is on file at the Town Clerk’s Office, 5 Elm Street, and is available for inspection during normal business hours.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Delhi Town Council is on June 12 at 7:30 p.m.

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