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New Executive Director Takes the Reins at Delaware Opportunities

By Rosie Cunningham

Dr. Shelly Bartow 
Melissa Johns/The Reporter Dr. Shelly Bartow Melissa Johns/The Reporter HAMDEN - Dr. Shelly Bartow took the reigns as the new executive director of Delaware Opportunities Inc. Bartow assumed the position on April 30 and said the experience has been great.

“Delaware Opportunities is an amazing organization,” she said Friday. “There is such as wide variety of programs and versatility in serving peoples needs. I think John Eberhardt, the former executive director, left such a strong program, and I would like to expand, grow and take advantage of the legacy that he left.”

Prior to her new post at Delaware Opportunities, Bartow was the director of a dropout prevention program at Morrisville State College.

Bartow earned her bachelor’s at Binghamton University. She has an MBA with a concentration in human resource management. She has a doctorate in management with a concentration in executive leadership.

She earned her dissertation regarding local non-profits in the area - with a focus on how directors and CEOs utilize social media to achieve organizational goals.

Bartow is 39 years old and lives in Bainbridge with her husband and 12-year-old daughter.

The director said she is passionate about not-for-profit organizations as a whole, but believes Delaware Opportunities is simply top notch.

“I think Delaware County programming and services are so impressive,” she said. “We have such a diverse variety of services - we can help so many in such a wide and interesting way.”

Delaware Opportunities has a strong foothold in the community and employs approximately 200 individuals full-time, part-time and seasonally.

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