2018-04-10 / Outdoor Life

Anglers Not Deterred By Chilly Spring Temperatures

By Rosie Cunningham

DELAWARE COUNTY - Anglers took to the river banks April 1 for opening day of fishing season. Despite the chilly and windy weather this week, many were dead set on taking time out to fish.

According to Chris Van- Maaren, Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Regional Fisheries Manager, the waters are high and cold - a factor that he said is typical this time of year.

“There were a fair number of anglers out, but the weather wasn’t great,” he said of opening day reports.

He described how weather effects movement of the fish.

“It depends on what you’re fishing for,” said VanMaaren. “Many fish feed in response to changes in the weather and can thus be more vulnerable when the barometric pressure is changing. Some fish are keyed to bug hatches and thus are more dependent on temps that result in bugs hatching.”

The fisheries manager said there are no new rule changes for Region 4 this season and advised anglers to stay tuned for stocking figures and locations.

“Our stockings are on schedule and many anglers enjoy fishing for recently stocked fish,” he said. “As the waters warm in late April and early May, the trout become more aggressive and easier to catch.”

To view a listing of stocking numbers and general timing, visit outdoor/30465.html.

Stocking figures and rates are determined by examining the number of fish in the system and how many anglers are catching.

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