2018-04-10 / Letters

Supervisor Supports More, Better River Access

I was very excited to read Lillian Browne’s article: “River Access, Boat Launches Will Boost Economy, Anglers Say” in this week’s Reporter. I couldn’t agree more! The town of Walton has been working on the boat launch idea for quite some time now. Last summer’s “Revitalization” workshops provided a perfect venue to move this concept forward and it was a key part of the town’s input, along with a river edge trail, to Place Alliance as they developed their artist’s rendition of what a revitalized Walton might look like. We are looking to put a boat launch on town property next to the cell phone tower and another by the Beerston Bridge. On Wednesday, April 4, I, along with the chairman of the town’s planning board and the Walton flood plain manager, met with representatives from New York City Department of Environmental Protection, the Delaware County Planning Department and the Delaware County Soil & Water Conservation District to discuss the boat launches. As part of the meeting, we visited the Beerston site for a firsthand look at the site’s potential. That site visit went very well!

Mr. Foster is right on target when he noted the need for larger launch (and take out) sites. In our “revitalization” comments last summer, we made it clear that the launches should be of adequate size to accommodate the launch of the Walton Fire Department’s rescue boat as well as providing access to the river for the department’s fire trucks in the case of a catastrophic fire that might require the use of the river as a source of water. We also feel it is important that these sites be handicapped accessible.

Our vision is that ultimately, we can develop a river map showing the different boat launches along the river, the distance between each launch/take out site, and the estimated time to travel between them so that boaters can better plan their outings.

We’ll do our best to keep the public posted as we progress with this initiative.




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