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Many thanks to Tracy Layaou, Geanie Lockard, Maryann Merrill and Brenda Fleming who baked for several days making cakes, cookies, pies, and cupcakes for the Hamden Flag Committee bake sale at the Hamden Town Hall Saturday, March 31. Also thanks to the others who brought baked goods to be sold and certainly to those who came and bought goodies for their Easter meals and who bought a commemorative bat and raffle tickets towards a stained glass picture depicting a fisherman fishing in a river. Proceeds from the sales as well as from donations from local people and businesses are getting us ever closer to the full purchase price of the ten flags and installation. These blue and white flags commemorate the playing of organized baseball in Hamden in 1825. Look for them at the end of May or June and know that you had a part in their purchase. Send donations to either Alice Blackman or Virginia Wilcox or place some bills in the donation jars at various local businesses. Future goals are the purchase of seasonal flags to announce that you are traveling through Hamden, New York.

The next fund raising event by the Hamden Flag Committee is Saturday, June 9 - a yard sale on the front lawn of Tracy Layaou (the old Edith Liddle home) on route 10. So while you are spring cleaning and you find items that are good but you don’t need, consider donating them to the yard sale. Also, vendors can purchase sale space for $15 - just bring your own setup. Commemorative bats and raffle tickets for the stained glass fisherman picture will be available. Call Tracy or Alice Blackman for further information. Former baseball players are encouraged to contact Loretta Foster at 865-7892 if you have information, pictures, etc. to share as the committee is planning a reunion and celebration of baseball for players, families, friends, and visitors at the Hamden Pavilion on Saturday, August 11. See this column for the details as they become planned.

Thanks to Randy Gransbury, we know that in the late 1970s, Hamden had two teams-the Hamden Polecats and the Hamden Hawks. The Polecats were mainly some older players while the Hawks were the younger ones. After a few years the teams combined into the Hamden Hawks. In the late 70s, the teams had different uniforms purchased by a business sponsor. The shirts had the sponsor’s name on the back. Teams came to Hamden to play and would say they were playing in a cow pasture- watch your step. Indeed they were playing in a cow pasture- Crawford’s. The league was called the Delaware Sullivan League with teams from Livingston Manor, Downsville, Andes, Delhi, Walton, Deposit, Hancock, and Hamden. In the early years, there also were teams from Cannonsville, Rock Rift, and Sidney Center.

Fifty years ago two Hamden first-time mothers met in Delaware Valley Hospital in the maternity unit. Brenda Fleming delivered twins - Wesley and Wendy on April 5, and Ginny Wilcox had Ann Margaret on April 6. Brenda and Ginny were roommates, and back in that day, new mothers stayed for three or four days before going home. New moms could gather in a common room with rockers and feed their babies while visiting with other new moms. Roommates Ginny and Brenda have maintained a good friendship since meeting for the first time in DVH. Happy birthday to Wendy, Wesley, and Ann Margaret.

Church services for the Hamden, DeLancey and West Delhi churches for Sunday, April 15 will be held in the DeLancey Church at 11 a.m. Rev. Patty Wolff will lead the service.

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