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Walton Bids Farewell to Long Serving Trustees

Prescription Medications and Sump- Pump Discharge Prohibited in Sewer, Village Says
By Lillian Browne

Walton Trustees Alan “Tink” Reynolds, left, and Dave Breese, attended their last meeting as elected officials on Monday, March 5. 
Lillian Browne/The Reporter Walton Trustees Alan “Tink” Reynolds, left, and Dave Breese, attended their last meeting as elected officials on Monday, March 5. Lillian Browne/The Reporter WALTON - Two Walton trustees, Dave Breese and Alan “Tink” Reynolds, thanked fellow board members, the mayor and the village taxpayers for allowing them to serve as municipal representatives, at a meeting of the Walton Trustees on Monday, March 5.

Breese has served as a trustee with four different mayors for more than 15 years during different terms. Reynolds began his first term in 2011. Mayor Ed Snow thanked them both for their work as trustees. Both trustees, Snow said, will be missed.

The meeting began with a public hearing on the issuance of a conditional use permit for Delhi Telephone Co. (DTC), recommended by the village’s planning board. DTC is acquiring the former Miller Avenue school property, on which the company intends to house an unmanned storage facility necessary for the expansion of broadband services in the area.

Following the hearing, a con- ditional use permit was unanimously granted. At DTC’s request, a public hearing on the approval of a cable television franchise agreement, which conditionally mirrors that of other service providers such as Spectrum, was scheduled immediately prior to the trustees regularly scheduled meeting on April 2 at 6 p.m.

The proposed agreement calls for the village of Walton to receive three percent of the gross revenue received by DTC in the service area as well as providing a single service outlet to each school, firehouse or municipal building upon the village’s request, within 60 days of signing the agreement.

In other business before the trustees, Police Chief Paul Olsen asked the board for permission to further research the creation of a “drop box” for prescription medications in the village. When officers come into possession of prescription medication they must take it to the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office for drop box disposal. Mayor Ed Snow tabled the request, indicating that he would inquire whether Delaware Valley Hospital, located on Titus Place in the village, could create one, similar to the one located at the Margaretville Hospital.

Snow also reminded residents not to dispose of prescription medications by flushing or dumping down drains. In those instances, he said, the drugs end up in the water at wastewater treatment plant.

Wastewater plant operator Jason Craig also cautioned sewer users about the prohibitions of discharging submersible, or sump-pump, typically found in basements, into a sewer line.

During the last several heavy rainfall events, Craig said, the wastewater treatment plant has come close to exceeding its flow limits, from what he suspects is residents connecting their pumps into the sewer drains. Fines are levied by the state for excessive flows through the plant, Craig said; and those fines are shouldered by sewer users. Snow indicated that another reason for increased flows could be from damaged and/or cracked pipes. The village’s department of public works will soon begin camera inspection of pipes to determine where repairs need to be made.

Also at the meeting:

• Code Enforcement Office Steve Dutcher reported two building permits issued and four fire inspections completed. Dutcher issued a floodplain permit for the conversion of the property at 2 Liberty Street into a pizzeria. Dutcher also assisted the Walton Big M and the Walton Central School District in submitting a flood proofing feasibility study application for funding to the Catskill Watershed Corporation.

• Department of Public Works Foreman Matt Myer reported a four-inch water main break and repair and curb stop repair on Bruce Street in February. Proposed department work for March includes tree stump grinding, pot hole patching and snow removal as needed.

• Bill Brown of Delaware Engineering reported that a grant application was submitted to the Delaware County Soil and Water Conservation District on March 1 on behalf of the village, to install utility line protection, including erosion control, along the west branch of the Delaware River. Brown also reported that he expects a decision on the grant application submitted on behalf of the village for the rehab and repair of the former bowling alley complex at 4 Water Street within the first quarter of 2018.

• During February the Walton Police Department responded to 367 calls including one felony arrest, seven misdemeanor arrests, nine welfare checks, five criminal mischief complaints, eight erratic operator complaints, 74 property checks, three alarm activations, four 911 hang-up calls, two fraud complaints, five suspicious activity and/or person complaints, as well as others. Fifty-six traffic summons and two parking tickets were issued and officers accumulated 2,609 miles on the two patrol vehicles during the month. Olsen reported that Officer Aaron Smith has resigned to take employment in Johnson City, and a different staff person will be sent in Smith’s place for previously-registered Taser training. Following an audit, Olsen reported that three officers must be fingerprinted by an independent contractor at a cost of $261, to be authorized to use eJustice reporting for the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

• There will be a public presentation on the evaluation of the two sites proposed for a new Delaware County Mental Health Facility on March 27 at 6 p.m., at the Walton Fire Hall on West Street. One site, on Fancher Avenue, would require a use variance, while the other site, on Delaware Street, would not, Snow said. Snow has previously pledged, on behalf of the village board, not to allow a variance on the Fancher Avenue property, and urged all taxpayers to attend the presentation. Walton Supervisor Charlie Gregory, in attendance at the meeting, told the board that eminent domain proceedings by Delaware County are not necessary because both property owners are willing sellers.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Walton Trustees will be on April 2 at 6 p.m.

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