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The Good And The Bad

Garden Scene
with Peggy Bolton

Tender plants are enjoying the blanket of snow. Snow works as a natural insulator. Any plants that were mulched with evergreen branches are now covered with a nice blanket of snow. As we undoubtedly are in for lots of changeable weather, the mulching is a good thing. Don’t get in a hurry to remove the mulch in early spring. It is better to leave plants protected until warm weather really arrives. Evergreen foliage is easily burned by early spring wind.

Watch for any garden areas with standing water, and ditch on the next warm day. Standing water on plants with crowns is a sure killer. Also, continue to check for any bulbs or plants that have been kicked out the ground with thaws and freezes. If the ground is frozen around the exposed plant roots, cover them entirely with wood chips, aged compost, or soil.

Depending on where you have ordered spring planting items from, they may start to arrive soon. Seeds may be stored in the refrigerator in a Ziplock bag. Place the bag in the fresh vegetable drawer until planting time.

With heavier snow in some areas, wildlife is moving closer to landscapes. Try liquid spray repellents to help keep deer and rabbits away from plantings. They will have to be reused after each heavy rain or snow fall. There are several home recipes on the internet that may be helpful.

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