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Worship services for the DeLancey, Hamden and West Delhi churches during February will be held in West Delhi Church at 11 a.m. with Rev. Patty Wolff. There will be an Ash Wednesday service Feb. 14 at noon at the West Delhi church.

I welcome news from folks. Give me a call: 607-746- 6860 or you can email me at

Lifelong Platner Brook Delhi dairy farmer Don Cobbe passed away last week. Condolences to Don’s family and friends.

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of longtime former Delhi resident William (Bill) Perkins on his passing at his residence in N.C.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. It’s that day for you to buy your sweetheart a nice box of chocolates or flowers to let her know you love her.

It’s the time of year when Girl Scouts do their annual Girl Scout cookie sale.

Another month for folks to have another birthday during February: Vicky Klukkert, Jan Whittaker, Paul Aitken, Dolores Dibble, Reba Sage, Jennifer Scobie, Stephen Palmatier, Lindsey Reynolds, Holly Sayman Houston, Betsy Decker, Becky Titch, Rosie Titch, Denise VanDusen, Duke Piroha, David Gielskie, Beth Wiggins, Betty Pinney, Cindy Mostert, Lois McDonald, Garrett Fitch, Joyce Manning, Jane Miller, Bruce Wilson, Ulani Ford, Grace Burczak, Wylla Rabaler.

Happy Anniversary to Bob and Lisa Moody.

Friends Marie Bryden, Myra White and I go to the cafe in Hamden for lunch. I enjoy the homemade soups and homemade breads for sandwiches and other fresh baked goods. When we moved here in 1960 the building was a hardware store owned by Roscoe Secord - one of those places you could go for one or two bolts or any other hardware item you needed. After Secords, Paul and Pauline Murray owned the store until they moved away. Not only hardware items were still available they also had an archery shooting area in the back where the restaurant is now. The present owner, Holly White, doesn’t sell hardware but I enjoy looking at all the antique items she has displays - it brings back memories of the past. She also has locally made products like maple syrup, soaps, books, etc. Its a good place for lunch and to browse.

My thoughts of the week: It is still mighty cold here, but then it’s only February. Did the old groundhog see its shadow on Friday? The sun was out a little, so guess it’s a sign of more winter and winter did arrive on Sunday with our all-day snow. I think it’s jumping the season a little, but going to Walton I saw sap buckets hanging on trees. Gas prices have taken a jump: at Hamden its $2.63 a gallon and in Delhi its $2.73. I don’t know why it went up. I’m sure restaurants were busy on Sunday making pizza and hot wings for football fans. Last week I enjoyed my daughter’s cooking skills - she brought me meals for every day. This week she will need the same treat, since she broke her foot on Friday night. I think her activities will be curbed for a few weeks now. If you’re looking for something to do, don’t forget bingo night at the Delhi American Legion at 7:30. After her heart operation we’re glad to know Donna Gorsch is home doing well.

Fun and Wacky Days: February 15, 1842, the post office used adhesive postage stamps for the first time. It’s National Gumdrop Day, Singles Awareness Day and Susan B. Anthony’s birthday (1820); Feb. 16, 1937, nylon is patented, but won’t become popular for a few more decades. NBC TV began its first nightly newscast in 1948; Feb. 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day; Feb. 18 is National Drink Wine Day; Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was published in 1885; in 1930, a ninth planet was discovered in the solar system and is named Pluto. The discoverer was Clyde Tombaugh; Feb. 19, 1913, a prize was inserted into a Cracker Jack box for the first time; Feb. 20, 1962, John Glenn became the first U.S. Astronaut to orbit the earth.

Lynn Kinch’s joke of the week: Two customers sat in a shabby restaurant. “What can I get you to drink?” the waiter asked. “A Coke, please,” one customer said. “Me, too,” the other customer added, “and make sure I get a clean glass.” A couple minutes later, the waiter came back with the drinks and asked, “Now which one wanted the clean glass?”

What can be measured, but has no length, width or height? The future.

A cute saying: What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.

Helpful Hint: To make your own vanilla extract, place 6 vanilla beans, split lengthwise, in a tall jar; cover with 2 cups vodka. Seal jar tightly. Let stand in a cool, dark place for at least six weeks, gently shaking the jar once a week. You will have your pure vanilla extract to enjoy.

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