2018-01-30 / Letters

Support the New York Health Act

I agree with last week’s article on Medicaid that property taxes are a big burden on the county. But I was surprised that Chair Tina Mole did not mention one of the best possibilities for reducing our local Medicaid costs: the New York Health Act. This is a bill to cover healthcare for everyone in New York, like Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All bill would do nationally.

With the New York Health Act, local governments will no longer have to pay for Medicaid at all, which will save $8.4 million every year for Delaware County. That means property taxes will go down. A new tax based on ability to pay will fund healthcare for far less than we pay now. We will have more money in our pockets and better health care for our families. And with New York Health, you and your local doctors will make the health care decisions that are right for you, with no insurance companies denying your coverage to make more profits.

The healthcare system in this country is broken. We need Medicare for All in America, now. The only reason we don’t have it, is the unlimited money from health insurance companies going into politicians’ pockets. Until we get it nationwide, we can also pass the New York Health Act ( to provide healthcare for all in New York State. Senator Bonacic, give us a raise and save Delaware County money by supporting the New York Health Act!


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