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Walmart-ACCO Partnership Boosts Sidney Jobs

By Lillian Browne

SIDNEY - Delaware County’s second largest private-sector employer, ACCO Brands in Sidney, held a press conference at the O’Neil Road manufacturing plant on Nov. 30, outlining details of a “Made in America” contract with Walmart, which has resulted in the creation of 15 jobs at the Sidney plant.

ACCO Brands is one of the world’s largest designers, marketers and manufacturers of branded academic, consumer and business products, and employs 650 workers in its Sidney plant in addition to another 125 contracted workers, according to Delaware County Economic Development Director Glenn Nealis, who was at the press conference.

The Sidney facility is the only New York manufacturer chosen to be part of the Walmart initiative and commitment to sell more U.S.-made products.

Walmart has been talking about “on-shoring” more of their production for several years, Nealis said, and the company will now do so in Delaware County, positioning them to be cost-competitive with overseas production.

The press conference was also a nod to the strength and commitment of ACCOS’s workforce. It can be hard to find good employees, Nealis said, but it’s important to recognize when you have good employees. “This was also a show of appreciation to their employees,” Nealis said.

The Sidney facility has been operated by a number of companies, including At-A-Glance and Mead-West-Vaco. Since ACCO has acquired the facility, Nealis said, they have continued to invest in it with upgrades to machinery and equipment and have become more competitive in the marketplace. “I have no concerns about the sustainability of business in Sidney,” Nealis said of Delaware County’s economic climate.

The jobs resulting from the ACCO-Walmart partnership will help contribute to a more vibrant economy and a more vibrant community, said Delaware County Chamber of Commerce President Ray Pucci.

Even if those employees don’t live in Sidney, Pucci said, they are stopping and shopping in the community. “It’s a win-win situation for everyone whenever the private sector adds jobs in a community,” Pucci said.

The contract, Pucci said, added a total of 50 new jobs at ACCO Brand facilities across the nation.

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