2017-11-08 / Police

SUNY Delhi Students Arrested in Campus Police Altercation

By Lillian Browne

DELHI - An investigation into the events leading up to and of the arrest of two SUNY Delhi students on Nov. 1, has been sparked following an on-campus incident which resulted in a video being circulated on social media and a student-led petition demanding corrective action circulating on campus.

The students, Streem S. Myles, 18, and Caseim Wilson, 20, both from Brooklyn, were charged with disorderly conduct and further charged with resisting arrest.

The investigation is being conducted by campus’ Office of Judicial Affairs, according to SUNY Delhi spokesman Joel Smith.

According to Smith, the video clip presents only a small portion of what led to the arrests and stressed that SUNY Delhi is committed to a thorough investigation of the incident and is working with all parties involved as well as with student government leaders.

The video clip reveals a campus police officer demanding to see student identification multiple times and a male student responding that he is not carrying one. Student ID is part of the Code of Student Conduct that every student is required read, sign and comply with. The code states, “Students are required to carry their SUNY Delhi identification card at all times. Failure to produce proper identification upon request by faculty, professional staff, or student staff in the performance of their official duties is prohibited.”

Likewise, there is a statement on the back of all college IDs which states “This card must be shown for identification upon request of any college official or member of the college staff.”

The student’s failure to produce identification as well as other interactions, Smith said, are currently under investigation.

In response to the incident, the college issued a press release to reinforce its commitment to diversity and inclusion. A statement in the press release by Michele DeFreece, vice-president for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, states, “We want to reiterate that SUNY Delhi is a community that values, supports and respects diversity and inclusion. Our commitment includes a variety of resources for students, faculty and staff who may have concerns about things that happen on campus or on the state or national levels. Please reach out to us. We will help you find the answers and resources that you need.”

DeFreece can be reached via email at

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