2017-11-08 / Letters

Something’s Wrong Here...

After reading Joy Johannessens’ (Oct. 18, 2017/The Reporter) letter, I thought, ‘something’s wrong here.’ I wrote to the FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) officer and requested specifics about addressing the Board of Supervisors. I was surprised , no, shocked at the answers: Among other criteria, or lack there of, they abide by the Board’s Rule 13 (which was “last revised in the 1960s”):

“Persons not members of the Board wishing to address the Board may do so upon consent of the committee having jurisdiction over the subject to be presented and concurred on by the Chairman of the Board. Any matter presented shall concern the affairs and welfare of the County.”

Now, what I find amazing is that their own Rule 10 (section C):

“Every resolution calling for an appropriation not included in the budget for a department shall first be submitted to the department’s committee for recommendations and then referred to the Finance Committee for its recommendations before the same be presented to the Board of Supervisors” is frequently waived.

So, the BOS don’t send their own resolutions or proposals to their own Finance Committee but will refuse to allow a person to speak their mind unless it agrees with the Board’s position? And there is no recourse if one is not allowed to speak.

This is very familiar. I think we covered it in History Class, but it wasn’t the United States and it wasn’t the twenty-first century.


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