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Delaware County 2017 General Election Results

By Lillian Browne

DELHI - Delaware County voters voiced their opposition to a Constitutional Convention at the polls by a 8,688 to 1,153 vote in the General Election held on Nov. 7. Voters, however, voiced their favor of revoking pensions of governmental officials convicted of certain felonies, by a vote of 7,408 to 2,346.

Likewise, Delaware County voters favored the creation of a “land bank” for the Catskill and Adirondack Parks by a margin of 5,376 to 4,267 votes. The measures must be tallied statewide.

In local races, Delaware County elected a new Sheriff and County Clerk. Acting Sheriff Craig DuMond and Acting County Clerk Debra Goodrich, both ran unopposed and amassed 8,878 and 7,613 votes, respectively.

Delaware County’s incumbent Treasurer, Beverly Shields, also ran unopposed and retained her seat with 7,837 votes.

Incumbent Supreme Court Judge Jeffrey Tait, representing the Sixth Judicial District in which Delaware County is positioned, was also unopposed and retained his seat at the bench with 6,377 votes.

In contested local races:

• ANDES - John Bouton was successful in his bid for highway superintendent, winning the seat by a vote of 335 to 151 over Jason Mondore. Incumbent council member Dale Cole. 253 votes, and newcomer Ritchie Gabriel, 314 votes outpaced challengers William Duke, 173 votes, John Ciccone, 125 votes, and James Lepore, Jr., 73 votes.

• COLCHESTER - Incumbent council members Mark Mattson and Julie Markert have retained their seat with 388 and 319 votes respectively. Challenger Amy Brown was unsuccessful in her bid for the seat, finishing with 215 votes.

• DELHI - Incumbent council member Thomas Little lost his seat to new comer Janet Tweed by a vote of 395 to 441. Incumbent Matt Krzyston led the three-way race netting 539 votes.

• FRANKLIN - Incumbent council members David Grant and Garrett Sitts retained their seats with votes of 388 and 458, respectively. Challenger Patricia “Trish” Tyrell was unsuccessful in her bid for a council seat finishing the race with 366 votes. 

• HANCOCK - Incumbent council members Paul Vetrone and Jerry Vernold retained their seats with 451 and 409 votes respectively. Challenger Carolyn McGrath was unsuccessful in her bid for the seat with a vote of 257.

• HARPERSFIELD - The four-way race for two council seats was won by Robert Reeve Jr, 245 votes, and Matthew Taylor, 202 votes. Unsuccessful in the race were Russell Brovetto with 122 votes and Michaela Reinhart with 103 votes.

• MASONVILLE - Linda Bourn won the race for town clerk and tax collector by a vote of 122 to 114 over Pamela Walker.

• MEREDITH - John Janiszewski and Floyd Vogt  were successful in winning a three-way race for two council seats with 268 and 290 votes respectively. Rachel Polens was unsuccessful in the race, netting 246 votes.

• MIDDLETOWN - Carl “Patrick” Davis has retained his seat as supervisor winning the race over challenger Marjorie Miller in a vote of 598 to 377. Incumbent Jake Rosa has held onto his council seat will and serve alongside newcomer Julia Reischel. The two won the three way race against John Bush with votes of 629 and 581 respectively. Bush finished with 436 votes.

• ROXBURY - Allen Hinkley, 435 votes, held onto his council seat in a three way race with Kenneth Davie, 464 votes. Gene Cronk finished with 341 votes.

• SIDNEY - Incumbent R. Eugene Pigford has retained the supervisor seat in the contest against William Heath by a vote of 609 to 405. Incumbent council members Peter Cordes retained his seat with 511 votes and will serve alongside Franklin Selleck who finished the four-way race with 621 votes. Danny Cristell finished with 425 votes and John Woodyshek finished the race with 400 votes.

WALTON - Charlie Gregory held onto his supervisor seat, outpacing challenger Bruce Dolph by a vote of 768 to 363. Incumbent council members Kevin Armstrong and Luis Rodriguez-Betancourt have held onto their seats with votes of 863 and 734 respectively. Kathleen Hayek was unsuccessful in the race, finishing with 448 votes. 

* These are unofficial results as reported by the Delaware County Board of Elections at 11:25 p.m., on Nov. 7


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