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Water-Sewer Rates, Police Pay Raised in Walton

By Lillian Browne

WALTON - No one spoke in favor of or against an increase in water and sewer rates at a public hearing held immediately before a meeting of the Walton Trustees on Sept. 11.

Users will see an increase of 95 cents per quarter on the capital portion of their water bill beginning in October. Likewise, users will see an increase of $2.95 in the capital portion of their sewer bill.

The increases are necessary, Mayor Ed Snow said, because the reserve accounts are nearly empty. The increases will be deposited into capitol accounts to be used for upgrades to infrastructure - including installation of new water pipes and new equipment at the sewer plant. The increases are a reflection of the village planning ahead, Snow said.

Police officers also received increases following negotiation of a new two-year contract in which officers will see a two-percent increase in their rate of pay. The contract expires in 2019.

Police responded to a total of 490 calls in August which included 97 property checks, 33 interviews, eight motor vehicle accidents, nine domestic complaints and 12 assists to the fire department, among other calls. Officers drove the two patrol vehicles a total of 3,633 miles using 382 gallons of gas. In addition to routine duties, officers worked 42 hours at traffic control for the Delaware County Fair, issued 91 traffic summonses, made 12 misdemeanor and one felony arrest.

In other business:

• Trustees approved a request of the Walton Central School District to hold its homecoming parade on Saturday, Sept. 30 at 8:30 a.m. The parade route will begin at the school bus garage on Delaware Street and travel along Bridge Street to Stockton Avenue to the high school campus.

• Trustees approved a $24,000 expenditure at the wastewater treatment plant for upgrades to the lighting system, payable to Taggart Electric in Sidney Center. The cost is fully reimburseable by New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The purchase of a replacement sludge pump was also authorized at a cost of $3,188.25 and the replacement of a  sludge press conveyor belt at a cost of $2,050. The replacement items costs will be shared by the village (80 percent) and DEP (20 percent.)

• The wastewater treatment plant violated state turbidity limits, which were remedied without a fine. The turbid discharge from the plant lasted for 2,496 minutes.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Walton Village Trustees will be on Oct. 2 at 6 p.m.

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