2017-08-09 / Letters

Veterans Deserve Better

Military service members and veterans deserve better during the week of the Delaware County Fair this year and upcoming years. These men and women put their lives on the line each and every day to defend our great country and the thanks that they get during fair week is free admission on the day everyone else is only paying $1 to get into the fair. What a disgrace and dishonor this is to the military men and women and veterans. You are saying thank you for your service, but what you do is only worth $1.

I have attended this fair on numerous occasions and brought my family and friends with me. I am a veteran that has served over 23 years in the Armed Forces and this is not the way you treat your military service members and veterans. I am outraged by this action taken to have on same day as Old Fashioned/ $1 day.

Show some respect, gratitude and thank each and every one of these men and women that sacrifice their lives every day for each and every one of you. Take a moment to really think, every day their lives are in jeopardy here and abroad. Let’s say a better thank you then, we will have you get in for free on “Old Fashioned Dollar Day.”

These men and women deserve the best of the best and deserve respect from the committee of the Delaware County Fair.


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