2017-05-10 / Letters

Sign For NY Health Act Option

On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed a bill that will hurt our communities and make people die younger than they have to. Under the AHCA, people in rural areas, especially the elderly and the poor, will lose most of the premium subsidies that Obamacare currently provides, even with the new tax credits. Obamacare allowed me to afford insurance for my family when I was self-employed as a tutor, and helped my family avoid going bankrupt from medical bills when we had our first child.

At the same time, Obamacare is not perfect. Costs continue to rise, and over 1.3 million New Yorkers still lack health insurance. We still don’t have “health care for everyone” as President Trump promised.

Here in New York state, there is a third option. The NY Health Act will provide expanded and improved Medicare for everyone. It will cover everybody who lives in New York state. No one should get sick because they can’t afford care! No one will pay any premiums, copays or deductibles, and you’ll be able to see any doctor (no networks). You can get the care you need without insurance companies contradicting your doctor. Ninety eight percent of New Yorkers will pay far less than they do now for healthcare, since everyone will pay their share and we will no longer waste resources on insurance company administration and profit.

This bill has passed the State Assembly for two years running and is only one vote away from passing the State Senate. If you’d like to support it, you can sign the petition at With all the confusion and turmoil over Trumpcare, the NY Health Act would mean we can still take care of our friends and neighbors here in Delaware County, no matter what happens in Washington.


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